BBCh20 - Challenge - 12 Nandi Climbs in December

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BBCh20:Nandi Hill Climb Challenge


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- It’s challenge, not a Race. Toughest challenge!

- 12 Nandi Climbs Finisher will get a Medal / Momento and goodies at the end of January 2021.

- 12 Nandi climbs: you can practice for the upcoming BBCh Nandi ITT on 19th December. And also try to get your Personal Best (PB) finish time out of each climb.

- Challenge Date: 1st Dec ‘20 to 31st Dec ‘20
- Only TWO climbs in a day will be considered
- 12 Nandi Hill climbs in the month of December. You can start climbing on any date between Dec 1st and Dec 31st. Consecutive day's climb is not necessary. Total 12 numbers of Nandi Hill climb is required in December month.
- Only Nandi Hill climb will be counted: from Nandi base to Nandi Top. There is no extra credit for longer distance rides and there are no leaderboard ranks for this challenge.
- There is no time limit for the Nandi climb. There is no extra credit for finishing the climb faster and there is no leaderboard ranking for this challenge.
- No indoor or on trainer rides will count.
- Above 10+ age can participate for the challenge.
- All bicycle will be allowed. (electric bicycle not allowed)
- We will consider Strava, Garmin or any GPS tracking device considered. Kindly log or port your data to Strava, Garmin for the Challenge.
- Each day's challenge will start at 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM local time.
- Each individual is responsible for his own health & safety and Bangalore - Bicycle Championships (BBCh) is not responsible for any casualty. By entering into the challenge you accept the above.
- BBCh decision is final.
- Kindly follow all Covid19 regulations and guidelines during the ride.

For any further information, contact us at or +91 9886046777

Nandi Hill States

Distance: 7.34km
Elevation gain: 402m
Hair pins: 40 curves
The first 4km elevation gain 200m
The next 3.3km elevation gain 200m
Toughest/steepest between 30-33 curves

Tip: Take a slightly wider line on the steep curves ensuring no oncoming traffic is there. Get out of saddle to accelerate at the curves and settle back into rhythm.

Training: Climb more!

BBCh20 Challenge - 12 Nandi Climbs in the month of December

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