BBCh22 Race #06 - Bangalore Classic Road Race

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When: Sunday, 17th July 2022
Where: Opp. Nandi Hill Cross, Opp. Nandi Upachar)
Race Venue / Assembly / Parking - Google Map
Reporting Time : 5:30AM

**Race Distance : 161km
Categories : Elite & Masters
Race Start : 6:30AM
Cut-off Time : 12:00PM

**Race Distance : 87.6km
Categories : U-18, Women, Women Master, Amateur & Non-Road Bike
Race Start : All Women - 7:30AM
Race Start : Amateur - 8:00AM
Race Start : U18 - 7:45AM
Race Start : Non-Road Bike - 7:45AM

**Race Distance : 50km
Categories : Pioneer Open
Race Start : 8:15AM
Cut-off Time : 12:00PM

Race Fee : Online -INR 699/- (NO Spot Registration)(Excl. Ticket gateway charges)

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Note: Registration will be closed by Thursday, 14th July (Midnight)

Bangalore Bicycle Championships is organising the Bangalore Classic Road Race. There will be two distances, 161km Race for Elite and Masters; and 87.6km Race for Amateurs, Non-Road Bike, Women, Women Master and U-18. The race will be on NH-7 Bangalore - Hyderabad Highway.

Get your race face on people and get ready for a rocking road season at the Bangalore Bicycle Championships.

Categories :
* Elite (Open for all)
PS : Who participate in Elite should stick to Elite category for rest of the season, they cann't go back to Amateur in other road races of this season.
Elite category is also open for anybody who wants to race but since that is the category where most of the pro cyclists take part, it is better to have some good level of experience to enroll into Elite category otherwise it might cause inconvenience for the entire peloton due to handling and skill set.
* Amateur
Amateur category is open for anybody who wants to race irrespective of age.
* Non-Road Bike
Non-Road Bike Category is for only non-road bikers. Cyclist can use hybrid, MTB, Foldie. Note: Fixie and single speed Bike is not allowed.
* Master 40+
Participants age should be 40 years and above (40+) as on race day. Riders are free to participate in Elite/Amateur category if they wish to.
Masters category is for anybody who is above 40 years of age irrespective of gender.
* Women
- Girls below the age of 18 may opt for Women category also if they wish to.
* Under18 (both boys and girls)
Participants age should lesser than 18 years as on race day. Proof of age needs to be produced at the time of bib collection
Under-18 category is common for both boys and girls who are below the age of 18.

- Photo and Birth date ID card mandatory.
- Its mandatory for parent/guardian/team manager to accompany the U-18 participants.
- Parent/Guardian/team manager owns full responsibility of the safety of the participant. They will have to sign the indemnity form before issue of BIB, without which the participant will not be allowed to take part in the race.
This category is for women who are ABOVE the age of 40+ years as on the race day. The Women Master category is created to cater to women participants who think they can compete against women who are younger. This category will mirror the distances that the women category races at.
Note: 1) Whoever participates in the Women Master category should stick to the Master category for the rest of the season, they can't go back to Women category in other road races of that particular season. 2) Women above 40 who want to race the distances that the Elite racers do and want to compete at the Masters can still choose to do so by registering in the Open Masters category. 3) We need a minimum of 10 participants on race day in the Women Master category. In case of lesser number of participation, then the Women Master category will merged with Women category and all women riders will share the same podium irrespective of their age. Pioneer Open
Any cyclist, riding any bicycle (human powered only), of any age, any gender who has never experienced bicycle racing ever before (at a BBCh or any other race) is eligible to enter in this category. This category is open only during the July 2022 BBCh Classic Road Race and will race a distance of 50kms. Podium positions will be awarded to top 3 racers in this category as per the usual BBCh podium guidelines. Refer for more details.

Race Notes :
  • It’s a pretty even and smooth road surface.
  • Water and refreshments will be available at the venue.
  • Riders are expected to be on self supported race mode including mechanical fixing, flat fixing, carrying their own toolkit, towing of the cycle if required etc.
  • Emergency ambulance support will be available (Thanks to Sparsh hospital and Spectrum Physio. You guys are awesome!)
  • Any rider can contact the race director through a specified BBCh phone number which will be active ONLY on race day (+91 9886046777)
  • Riders are expected to read and understand and adhere to the rules of the race available on the website
  • The race referee reserves the sole discretion of analyzing any situation during the race and his opinion will be considered final.
  • Registration is strictly Online and no spot registration will be allowed
  • If you would like to get in touch with the the core team, please do shoot us an email at

BBCh22 Race #06 - Bangalore Classic 160km & 81km Road Race Result

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